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Workout of the Day 10/11/17

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>Run to Honor Veterans DAV 5K
// Sat. Nov. 4 at 9:00am at Guthrie Green// $30 per person. $15 for youth & veterans// Click here to register online & join our team CrossFit 51

Accessory Conditioning
(8 min cap)
1 min Suitcase Carry (each arm) AHAP
*Suitcase carry is performed with a heavy weight in one arm holding for 1 min, then switch arms.  Only one arm is holding at a time. Choose a weight that challenges you to hold for 1 minute.

(15 min cap)
3 Tempo Front Squats AHAP
*Perform a 4 second negative down on each front squat and drive up out from the bottom hard and fast, while maintaining control and positioning.

Workout of the Day
For Total Reps (12 min cap)
1 min Calorie Row
1 min Dumbbell Cleans @ 50#/35# (40#/25#)
1 min Double Unders (No Singles)
1 min Rest

*Post scores to BTWB.

“Find what you suck at and keep drilling it.  You will only get better.”

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